About Christophe Larrouilh

Christophe Larrouilh in a few dates :

  • 1989 : Master II (DEA), Nantes, Economic Law.
  • 1990 : Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Angers in Civil Law and Commercial Law.
  • 1991 : Admitted to the Angers’s Bar; Criminal Law, Sports Law, Commercial Law, Social Law.
  • 1995 : Saves the Sco d’Angers from bankruptcy by winning a key case against the club’s equipment manufacturer.
  • 2000 : He obtains the only acquittal (out of 8 defendants) in the case of the AS Cannes accounts.
  • 2001 : He wins a case against the French Bar Association, which accused him of opening a secondary practice in a shopping center, in a dormitory suburb.
  • 2002 : He retires from the courts and becomes Legal Director at JMG soccer monde.
  • 2008 : Sports Director for BEC-Tero FC (Bangkok) and Yangon United (Myanmar).
  • 2010 : Sports agent and legal advisor in FIFA litigation.
  • 2016 : He resumes his work as a lawyer – Partner at Vovan & Associes (Bangkok): Expatriate law, sports law.
  • 2019 : Transfer from the Angers Bar to the Paris Bar.

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